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General terms

These terms and conditions ("Terms") of agreement apply when Fieldly AB ("Fieldly") provides a project management system over the Internet ("Service") to a company ("Customer") on its website and via apps.

By registering for a user account the Customer accepts this Agreement ("Agreement") with Fieldly for the right to use the Service in accordance with the Terms. A user who registers an account declares in the registration that he or she is authorized by the Customer to enter into this Agreement.

1 - User account

When registering for the Service a personal user account is created. Through the user account, the user can (i) log in to the Service (ii) administer subscriptions to the Service, and (iii) purchase additional services.

When the user signs up, the user's email address acts as their user ID and the user shall select a password. The User is responsible for keeping the login details in a secure manner so that unauthorized people cannot access them. If the user suspects that an unauthorized person has gained access to the login details or the user account, the user shall immediately change their password.

The Customer is responsible for all use of the Service that occur from the user account(s) that belong to the Customer's users.

Users who register a user account are responsible for having the Customer authorization to enter into contracts and to carry out the actions that the users take.

2 - The service

The service is described on Fieldly’s website. Fieldly reserves the right to further develop the Service's scope, design and functionality.

Fieldly reserves the right to discontinue providing the Service at any time.

The Customer can at any time unsubscribe from the Service. The customer is not entitled to any reimbursement of paid subscription fees.

3 - Price

Fieldly reserves the right to change the price for the service at any time. Price changes will take effect thirty (30) days after Fieldly announces such a change. The change will take effect at the next payment date for Customers who have a valid subscription.

4 - Payment

By purchasing a subscription to the Service, the Customer accepts that their registered credit card will be debited with the monthly subscription cost on a monthly basis. When the Customer purchases a subscription Fieldly will charge the first monthly amount on the date of the order, and then monthly on the same calendar day each following month ('Billing Date').

If the monthly amount cannot be charged to the registered credit card, then the payment of a subscription will fail. The customer is liable for all subscription charges incurred on the Customer's account (s).

5 - Clients usage of the service

The Service provided must only be used for the purpose and to the extent set forth in these Terms of Use.

Customer and Users may not

a. copy or alter the materials pertaining to the Service, nor to transfer or assign the right to the Service or the materials to another party;

b. post or distribute materials or messages that cause damage or other inconvenience to Fieldly or third parties, violates Fieldly’s or any third party's copyright or other intellectual property rights, is contrary to a law or an agency regulation or decision, or is contrary to moral codes, or against Fieldly’s at the time applicable rules and policies;

c. Pretending to be another person or wrongly pretend to represent a company, or seeking access to another user’s account, or otherwise act fraudulently in relation to Fieldly or a supplier;

d. remove, circumvent, disable, damage or otherwise tamper with security related features of the Service;

e. copy or otherwise seek to disclose or recreate the source code to the Service; or

f. to disturb or damage the Service's functionality or capacity.

6 - Support

Fieldly provides customer service for matters relating to the use of the Service in the manner described on Fieldly’s website.

7 - Client information

Fieldly may modify the login credentials because of technical, operational or other specific reasons or because of an agency regulation or decision. The Customer shall be given advanced notice of such change. 'Customer Data' means data about the Customer, such as name, address, social security number or registration number, credit card number or other information about the customer or user. The Customer shall provide at Fieldly’s request the data that Fieldly needs for the service. The Customer is responsible for such information being correct at the time and that the Customer’s users have been informed that their data are submitted to Fieldly and for what purposes Fieldly processes this information. The Customer represents that it has the right to provide Fieldly with such data. Fieldly processes Customer Data to provide the Service, fulfill its obligations under law or regulations, maintaining the data registry and to promote Fieldly’s goods and services. The Customer is responsible for obtaining the corresponding consent from its users.

When Fieldly during the provision of the Service processes Customer Data for which the customer is responsible for personal information under the law on personal data, Fieldly shall be considered as a personal data assistant for such a task.

To the extent it is necessary for providing the Service, Customer Data and information, for which the Customer is responsible for personal information, may be distributed to Fieldly’s partners. Fieldly’s partners in providing the Service may be companies outside the EU. Customer data and information, for which the Customer is responsible for personal information, will therefore be processed in non-EU countries, including the USA.

Fieldly reserves the right to use anonymous data from the Customer to improve, develop and modify their services and to compile statistics and other marketing information.

Fieldly commits to keep Customer information in the Service confidential to any third party, unless otherwise mandated by law or government agency or court order. Fieldly will not at any time distribute Customer information to third parties for promotional or other such purposes.

8 - Closing and deregistration of user account

Fieldly reserves the right to immediately and without notice close the Customer's account(s) on suspicion of violation of section 5.

The Customer may at any time deregister user account(s) if the Customer wishes to terminate their use of the Service.

After closing or canceling the Customer's account(s), the Customer will no longer be able to buy, access, or administer the Service. On Customer request, Fieldly can for a fee extract the data in CSV or Excel format. Such requests must be made before the account is closed.

Fieldly reserves the general right to terminate the Customer's account with three (3) months notice.

9 - Intellectual property

The use of the Service does not imply that any copyright or other intellectual property rights are transferred to the Customer.

10 - Damages

The customer has no right to compensation for indirect damage, such as loss of earnings, irrecoverable costs or other consequential damages. Fieldly’s total responsibility for each full calendar year is limited to an amount equivalent to half of a Swedish base amount (basbelopp).

Notwithstanding the above, Fieldly is not responsible for loss or damage of data or other information during the use of the Service. Fieldly is also not responsible for damage caused by computer viruses or similar, delay, data corruption, loss of data, or for the Customer any liability to third parties.

11 - Modification of Terms of Use

Fieldly has the right at any time to modify these Terms. An amendment becomes effective thirty (30) days after Fieldly announces such a change.

12 - Complaints

The Customer shall, for the complaint to be valid, lodge a complaint within two (2) months after the defect or damage is discovered or should have been discovered. Complaints must be made in writing.

13 - Force majeure

The parties are exempt from liability to pay damages or to perform certain obligations under this agreement, if the damage or failure is due to circumstances beyond the Party's control ('Force Majeure Event') and the circumstance prevents, significantly impedes or delays the performance thereof. The same applies if the damage or failure is due to delayed deliveries from a party’s subcontractor that are caused by a Force Majeure Event. A Force Majeure Event can be, among other things, government action or omission, new or amended legislation, labor conflict, blockade, war, riot, sabotage, extreme weather, lightning, fire, explosion, flood, natural disaster, accident or cable damage caused by third parties.

14 - Governing Law and Dispute

The parties' rights and obligations in the interpretation and application of this agreement shall be in accordance with Swedish law. Any dispute arising from the agreement shall first be subject to arbitration or finally settled in a Swedish court.

15 - Validity

These conditions are valid from the 1st of October 2014 until further notice.